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Appolia 12" Tarte Dish

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 Ceramic is a noble material made from natural ingredients. It is ideally suited to baking flans, tarts, quiches and pies. The French-made Appolia tart dishes from Peugeot guarantee evenly cooked recipes with a perfectly golden brown crust. The enamel design is a closely guarded secret, which gives the dish its non-stick and anti-abrasive properties. The stylish forest green finish will lose none of its sparkle over time.
Thanks to the dish's practical handles, your pies can effortlessly be taken out of the oven, while the ceramic's thermal inertia will keep them hot for up to 30 minutes. All those wanting a second serving will be delighted!

- 100% French production
- 10-year warranty
- Ceramic composition with 100% natural ingredients
- Gentle, even cooking for thoroughly healthy food
- Keeps food warm for up to 30 minutes
- Can go from freezer to preheated oven without the risk of thermal shock
- High-strength glazed enamel independently laboratory tested for speedy cleaning, long-lasting colour, shine and abrasion resistance
- Wide ridged handles for an easy grip
- Rounded corners make it easy to use and easy to clean
- High edges for generous portions
- Ovenproof (250°C), suitable for microwave, freezer (-20°C) and dishwasher
- External dimensions including handles: L350 x W305 x H43 mm
- Internal dimensions: L300 x W300 x H35 mm
- Volume: 2.1 L

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