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G&T Country Cupboard


Founded by the legendary mother-daughter duo Gwen and Tania––G&T’s Boutique first opened its doors in April 1998 as the local retail staple dubbed “The Country Cupboard.” True to its roots, the boutique originally opened as a Brick + Mortar store in Tilley, Alberta––a hamlet just southeast of the big city––with a heavy focus on rustic country home decor. With growth, the boutique moved to Brooks, maturing into the diverse hidden gem it is today––filled with unique, hand-selected luxuries of all sorts.


We are proud to say we have always been a family owned & operated business, taking great pride in our tight-knit little team! We adore our customers––and consider all those who enter our doors among friends and family! The luxury of being small-town based is the ability to get to know our amazing customers on a personal level while delivering exceptional service. We truly appreciate your feedback, support & company both online & in person.


Our style has greatly evolved over time––transitioning into the ultimate lifestyle boutique it is today: carrying a whimsical assortment of giftware––and carefully curated collection of eclectic home decor, art, kitchen, dining & barware essentials, bath & bedding products, jewelry, baby essentials, ladies clothing, shoes, and trendy fashion accessories. We are especially known for our wide range of trendy women’s clothing––appealing to all ages. We passionately stand behind our eco-conscious brands with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices.

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